My name is Jacob. I sum up my career aspirations simply: I like to tell stories with computers. While I’m currently working on my portfolio, I started this blog (one of many over the years) to catalogue my progress as I explore storytelling, editing, AI, and self improvement/ wellness.

I got my start in design on the web in the early 2000s as a teenager, during the era of myspace themes and handcoding neopets pet pages. I believe that behind the corporate monoliths that have attempted to strip away creativity from the web, not much has changed in how people want to express themselves and their stories with strong branding and engrossing storytelling.

My work on podcasts includes research, hosting, editing, and branding, as well as creating promotional materials such as social media graphics and episode covers. I currently co-host and produce a horror and mythology podcast called That Witch Doesn’t Kill You, which explores the dark side of everything from cults and serial killers to INCELs and microbiomes.

I am also building my portfolio for motion design and video editing, with a focus on explainers and documentary-style storytelling for services like youtube. I love using these creative avenues as excuses to deep dive into all kinds of topics, but especially all things weird.

I am always looking to expand, so if you need a guest, cohost, editor, or designer, hit me up. ✨