There was a lot that I was willing to stay on Twitter for, mainly to watch it destroy itself from a front row seat. But opening the app today and finding out that they’re hiding security features behind Twitter blue was an unexpected push to finally leave Twitter once and for all.

I’ll keep the navigation up top current with all my social media links in case you wanna find me around the Internet.

I was expecting to be a lot further along in my goals by this point in the year, but some unexpected opportunities came up that I wanted to stick through that put me in a better place financially so that I can worry a little less when I start pursuing these goals fully.  Over the next couple of weeks I’ll officially be getting a portfolio back up on here and backed up on tumblr after a WordPress update failure wiped my old site.

In the meantime, find me in the links up top and stay safe from salty billionaires. ✌️

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