A Warmer Side of A Killing Jar.

I’ve been home with a cold all week so today I refreshed some of the branding for A Killing Jar since I don’t have the voice to narrate anything. The early style so far has been very high contrast black and white, and a lot of this will stay in the editing. I wanted the branding to be a bit more approachable so opted for this soft orangey pink and cottage core ambiance, complete with finally making a little bit of a logo (thanks to some 3D stills from envato elements and a lil elbow grease in photoshop).

My favorite part of this project was the little lower thirds graphic I made that speaks more to the nature vibe and is fully animated in After Effects.

Example of a blank screen featuring the animation.

I kept the existing font – Freight in condensed light – and paired it with a more playful text in Capricorn Sign in Caps. The more playful approach can be toned down a bit when we delve into horror media and true crime, or played up more when discussing games and other fun things.

The branding is live on instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. Let me know what you think! In the mean time, I need some tea and a nice nap.